Workshops with Joanne Elphinston: Effortless Self Carriage

Sunday, 24th September 2017 at 10:30am - 1:30pm

Location: Kentish Town Studio

This event is in the past.

This is an amazing opportunity for a 3h workshop with Joanne Elphinston.  

Effortless Self Carriage: JEMS® Keys to Ease and Balance over the Ground

Do you and your clients carry yourselves in ease and balance? Is your own gait as efficient and enjoyable as it could be? Are your clients so busy thinking about their gait that they don’t know how to feel it?

The words "posture" and "gait" have very mechanical associations, yet both are complex and elegant dances between the forces acting upon us, and the forces which move through us.

Both involve our relationship with gravity and the ground.

This practical workshop is an introduction to the JEMS® approach to integrated movement as it applies to our relationship to gravity, the ground and the management and flow of forces through the body.

Come and play with your own movement awareness, explore your gait and posture, and learn some easy and effective techniques to share with your clients.


Joanne Elphinston is a performance consultant, international lecturer and physiotherapist whose clients include elite and professional athletes, including Olympic, Commonwealth and World Championship medalists, Premiership footballers and professional golfers. 


Early bird (before 4/9/17) paid and booked -£60
After 4/9 - £75

Go to Ticket box above to book. Once in the calendar (on Pilatestree website) find 24 September and Workshop with Joanne Elphinston option. All attendance must be pre-booked.

To purchase this workshop go to:
and find it on the timetable.


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